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Code of Conduct Contract

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Student:   _________________________________                 

                  Please print your first and last name here

To attend Foothill High School is a privilege, not a right.  I agree that Foothill High School is a neutral area and that all students have the opportunity to attend without being harassed by other students.  All rules apply to Foothill High School and near-by areas, on the way to, and from school.


q       I agree to arrive on time to all my classes and attend school regularly

q       I agree that I may be removed from high demand classes if I have more than 2 absences/tardies

q       I agree to be in attendance for all testing and assessments (i.e. CAHSEE, STAR, EAP)

q       I agree to make all appointments for myself or my child after school hours

q       I agree to follow the dress code and dress appropriately

q       I agree to follow all reasonable and appropriate directions of all adults on campus and comply with their requests

q       I agree to do productive work in all of my classes

q       I agree to work on my educational goals

q       I agree to comply with all sections of the State Education Code, ESUHSD District Policies and the State Penal Code

q       I agree that all personal problems and conflicts will be solved in a peaceful manner.  (NO FIGHTING ON OR AROUND THE FOOTHILL CAMPUS)

q       I agree to wear my I.D. Badge so that it is visible each day

q       I agree that Foothill is a neutral area.  (NO STUDENT HARASSMENT ALLOWED)

q       I agree to treat students, staff members and faculty in a respectful manner

q       No profanity (including but not limited to the N-Word)

q       I agree to have a black backpack to carry my books, school supplies and homework

q       I agree not to graffiti on Foothill’s campus

q       I agree not to smoke on or around Foothill’s campus

q       I agree not to leave the campus or the classroom without permission from school authorities during school hours

q       I agree not to loiter at neighboring businesses and homes before and after school

q       The use of all electronic devices, including cell phones, or any musical device, is prohibited on campus at any time


If I break this contract, I understand that I will be dropped from Foothill High School and transferred to Adult Education or sent back to a comprehensive site.


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q       Parent:  I will attend all parent meetings and scheduled student conferences arranged for my student(s) at Foothill High School

q       I understand that Foothill High School and employees are not responsible for the loss or theft of prohibited items (including cell phones, hats, clothing, etc.) that are taken from my student while she/he is attending school.  Items that parents do not pick up within one week   will be donated to charity. Student and parent please initial here ________   _______


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