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New Students & Parents

Welcome to Foothill High School!Top of Page

Foothill High School serves a  special mission for the district: 

  • we accept those who have not accepted school
  • we involve those who would not or could not be involved with school
  • we educate those who are most often thought of as uneducable

Our dedicated staff does this with creativity and compassion mixed with high expectations for long-term success! They have many examples of successes but among the most notable are:

  • Student Learning Plans that led to 70 graduates
  • 80% overall attendance for the year
  • Recognition for exemplary student leadership and community involvement
  • Student participation and awards in both the Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez essay and art competitions
  • Turning Point Mentoring Program
  • Partnerships with county and community-based organizations to provide additional student services
  • Programs that meet the needs of all students referred to Foothill and its programs!