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FH Library

Hello from Miss Kathy Evans, the new Library Media teacher!

Looking forward to helping you to find the right materials and to answer important questions!

Hours of Operation

Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00-3:00.  Open during brunch.  Students who have open periods are also free to come in for study time.  If you have a question that can’t wait, email me at

Finding and Getting Books

Find books here:

Books are checked out for a three week period and may be renewed if needed.  We also have reference materials as well as a wide selection of books for free reading

Research Databases

Databases contain high quality, organized information. Most of it is not available publicly on the Web. We offer:

Biography in Contexts

Opposing Viewpoints (especially good when you need to persuade or contrast positions)

Science in Context (fascinating scientific information in multiple media formats)

Student Resources in Context  (everything else, all helpfully grouped by subject area and format)

The link for the Gale Database Portal is: